Had no issues running my drive on Windows XP, Windows Its odd though that another Microsoft dvd vista works fine, yet this office one doesnt. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Is there anyone who can help me with firmware for this drive as nothing seems to be working and I cant solve the issue Hope someone can help and sorry if this is in the wrong area. Many Thanks Leo Neeleman.

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Is there ilteon who can help me with firmware for this drive as nothing seems to be working and I cant solve the issue Hope someone can help and sorry if this is in the wrong area. Same thing with the fingerprint security reader. I then simply repeated the process of switching my PC off and reconnecting the drive and rebooting.


Also, the drive ztapi mot have been properly enumerated during the upgrade process, this sometimes happens. Hello there, got an issue involving the older liteon drives. You’re welcome for the help. Did this solve your problem? It must be something to do with compatibility of the dvd and this drive as it is fine with some dvds and cds.


Lite-On Drivers

I have tried updating firmware to UL02 from both this site and the LiteOn one, but both times it says that ljteon for the version 8 of the drive not 9? Your interest in Windows 10 is much appreciated. Thanks for letting us know how you fixed it. Help please, or I may be forced to roll back my PC to the last working config in order to use this drive. The 9 series has different hardware. How satisfied are you with this reply?

Some cds that were burnt on previous computers are being picked up as blanks when there is data on them. From the description of your problem, I doubt a firmware update would help anyway.

Sorry this didn’t help. I can recommend it to anyone having the problem I had. That driver may be an HP piece of software. Annu Singh Replied on August 23, The Vista ayapi is being picked up alright so that rules out it being a problem with just that media type.

I cannot utilize firmware updates because Windows 10 won’t recognize this drive. It should have firmware that is equivalent to the 8 series drives but obviously different, to support the new hardware. Welcome to Microsoft Community.


Well, I got a new PC today fron cyberpower with the above dvd writer, windows vista home premium 64bit and seem to be having some trouble with the drive. Bit of a pain really as thats the main software we want on it. Many Thanks Leo Neeleman.

Then the Microsoft Office enterprise dvd-rom we have will not load it is a genuine original disc. ilteon

I have reconnected 2 old pcs and both read the office dvd fine, just not this new one. I suspect to correct the jitter issue when burning above 16x. They are both genuine as well. Then, at the command prompt type the following you can copy and paste and press “Enter”:. Check if that helps: Doing a neroinfotool scan it says my drive has firmware 6L I shall continue working towards uncovering the many mysteries of this unfamiliar OS, and with the help of this large community I am certain that it will be a breeze.

Works like magic, simple and fast.