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Making Calls You can call back the number of a message sender. The messages are removed to the Trash. Your device Huawei eC driver is currently successfully installed on your PC. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. After copying it, uninstall the Huawei Mobile Connect Dialer application since we copied the required drivers folder.

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If no storage space is available in your UIM card for the reports, the “Request status report” option is invalid, please contact your UIM card provider for details. And therefore they are ex321 able to surf the net when they are on the move. Make a bid to access the web to establish if your modem was detected.

HUAWEI EC321 Data Card User Manual

Thanks a lot again for this post. There are two types of icons in the Inbox: If this happens, please contact your network operator. Otherwise, malfunction of the product, fire, or explosion may happen as a result. By default, the EC will save the number of this selected item to the Mobile column in the Contacts. Hospital Pay attention to the following points in hospitals or health care facilities: I doubt this is something to do with the ISP.


Check to determine whether the modem is found. However, you can still make emergency calls. Status information Description Signal strength Indicates the current network type and signal strength.

After that, you should enter the PIN code according to the prompt. Error occurs to the re-imported files if the exported files have been modified. If you cancel the sending, the message will be saved automatically to the Outbox.

Do not touch the antenna when a call is going on.

Huawe you need export the contacts to the Outlook, check the checkbox, otherwise, error may occur while exporting. Removing the EC If you want to remove the EC from the computer, please do it after having stopped it through the hardware removing feature provided by Windows.

All the status that may appear and their descriptions are listed below: Observe any instructions wherever the use of wireless devices is prohibited. Please try to avoid using this device under thunder storms in case you are exposed to lightening shock or other injuries. Supplementary Services The EC data card supports the following supplementary services: When the Trash is full and hyawei message is removed to it, the earliest hawei in this box is removed automatically.


Removing Messages If you remove a message from the Trash, it is permanently removed.

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Start main window minimized The program is displayed in the minimized mode when it starts. When the function is enabled and you huawri sending a message, the network will send a message to inform you that the receiver has got the message you have sent. Access the Contacts service screen.

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Voice mail waiting Displays the number huaweei Voice mail waiting in real time. The lifetime of NFC is simply getting started, and soon it is going to be everywhere. Making Calls You can dial out a number in a Dialed calls item. Now, here is a trick. Removing Messages You can remove the messages from the Outbox. Any everything works well. Notice The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.