But nothing was giving back as far as a response. At this point if it doesnt work with the manual setup, your only option will be for Gateway to release a update. Note the end point is the same, the FinePoint driver gets installed. If you notice I, personally, did not mark that as a answer and there is still no feedback from the original person who asked the question. I can’t say for sure what did it, but I’d be willing to bet that uninstalling the “unknown device” that is trying to install driver is the prolem. Thank you so much!

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Ran under Vista fine Office Office Exchange Server.

Remove From My Forums. Friday, May 7, 8: Sunday, July 26, It finepoknt like the problem gets fixed by removing the unknown device then running windows update again. I see your post. I bought this a few years ago, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to have 7 as it is built on the same architecture as Vista.

Fine Point Auto Detail

Can you use something like a compression software to extract the setup file to a folder? From Device Manager uninstall the Unknown Device. I restarted my computer and the driver installed on restart. Tuesday, January 26, 4: I would really like to know who is responsible finepoimt this madness.


Download Gateway CX Finepoint Driver for Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit

At this point if it doesnt work with the manual setup, your only option will be for Gateway to release a update. If the Vistaa Mode did not work bista may have been able to try other things, there could have been searches done.

If anyone has any input, would like to hear it. It will jsut have glitches and flaws like most of their drivers have now. Ran the installer using the Windows Update which is the driver from windows update not the one you download from Gateway. I did not see the driver from my list.

Went to Windows Update, selected the Driver from the list of ffinepoint options. Have you tried Vista Compatibility Mode install for the drivers? Thank u very much, bncote. Alex, I did get it to work finally. If this doesn’t work then most likely you will have to wait for a driver update from Gateway to get it functioning correctly.

Thanks for the finepoibt, but i don’t see what doing anything with the drivers from gateway fixes the problem. I wouldnt say it is unlikely to never work, it will work.


That will be one of the last options out there to try and get the driver installed. As soon as I did this, the installs of the drivers failed almost immediately.

One other note, the “unknown device” is still there; I just kept it uninstalled now. Without any information provided what fineplint to be done? But I think that is a problem with my pen and screen.

I do have 5 drivers installed under “HID” devices. Give the standard answer of contact the manufacturer?

It was not a pleasent experience and I am somewhat concerned that the drivers may pose some security risks. Though, under the Pen setting in Control panel, there was no option to calibrate it. And I had been searching for quite some time for an answer to the driver issue.