Most of the area on the shaft where the grip covers is just black, not silver like the rest. Several functions may not work. Did you ever get an answer? Any help is appriciated, thanks. I will speak to Cobra direct when they reopen after the weekend. I repeat that Rockbottom admitts it does not hold accounts with many major golf brands for the authorised purchase of golf clubs. Because I worte a guide under key words as “fake” “clone””counterfeit” and so on-then all of a sudden you were not able to read this guide because it does not show up unless you google “spotting fake cgb irons”-go ahead and try-you will see the original guide.

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We have two bags — the other was bought in the USA from a shop, thus they are both similar. By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. Taylormaed hear of a online site cheapgolf4u is this a legit online store or a bogas one selling fakes.

Looking at the X irons on Ebay, it appears to taylrmade that a whole bunch of them are almost certainly fakes. There is a code on the 7 iron.

I was wanting to know some information on these websites. What taylorade the serial? Subtle but once you spot them you can see them clearly. R11 driver is currently We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance.


TM R7 Draw, possibly fake?? – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

Has anyone used Golf Stock Online golfstockonline. It is not until you see both of these Callaway Fusion Fairways next to one and other that you begin to see the slight differences between the counterfeit left and the genuine article right.

You must log in or register to reply here. The Ping badge is also much taylormase than on the real club and the edges of the cavity or much thicker.

Are my Taylormade r7 TP Irons counterfeits? | Golf Monthly

Rogues Gallery There is not space to reveal all the tell-tale signs that mark out a counterfeit from the genuine article — but here are just a few examples of the sort of discrepancies which give the game away. Bought a set of Mizuno jpx pros which were stamped forged,not Pros I questioned Mizuno Australia about this who told me this was the Japanese model.

They seem to have large supply and positive feedback. Well, just got a response from TM My friend bring this club to the Golfsmith for trade in. Why on Earth would a golf website say golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls, golf hats, golf gloves, golf socks etc.

Wondered if they were fakes.

Looking for Callaway xs. Remember, If is smells like a turd and looks like a turd, then it probably is a turd so you had better not eat it. I have never heard the clanky sound vake made from an authentic Taylormade product.


Are my Taylormade r7 TP Irons counterfeits?

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Joined Aug 11, Messages Originally Posted by Butcho22 I guess the way to avoid fzke is to get the serial number before you buy it if possible? Do the right thing and purchase from your local retailer and be assured of receiving the genuine article.

I had a unique thought…. Does the website have a pysical address?

TM R7 Draw, possibly fake??

A friend just bought some Calaway clubs not sure which model from this site at a VERY good price which makes me think its a scam. My superquad does not say superquad instead it says The internet is a jungle where thieves and counterfeiters hide and thrive.

I have bought several clubs from them and they seem legit. Has anyone bought clubs from this web sight? In this example the counterfeit club is on the left. Would like to know if this is true and are they selling genuine or fake clubs.