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Of course this solution is most practical when a laptop is sitting around in the vicinity of the same network. A good replacement for initramfs is yaird. Not for support questions! Bug fixes will be ported to This is why some people may face issues with devices that are handled by iwldvm. The driver’s makefile just signals you that it wants to compile the “compatibility” version of the driver.

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I originally had etch on it, and tried to compile and install the 2. Just install it, and you shouldn’t need to do anything else thats described here. Updating firmware Firmware can be updated using fwupd or various vendor-specific methods. But I want to have full features like mode monitor and so on!! When the installer starts, it will automatically find the firmware files in the directory on the removable storage and, if needed, install the firmware for your hardware.

I assume if you compile and load it for 2.

Some firmware files are packaged for Debian, e. It should be improved to list the matching package names. The following devices are supported since kernel version: From your first post I can deduce that a secondary call to the “make” command would be in order.


iwlegacy – Debian Wiki

It’s kinda a pretty manual approach, but thanks to that you get the live-cd’s kernel 2. Install the ipwsource and module-assistant package. A good replacement for initramfs is yaird. In some cases, firmware supplied on removable media may not be detected automatically e.

Select all modprobe iwl before one can actually use the module. The wireless device requires firmware to operate.

For more information on Intel Wireless products, please visit Intel Wireless. Note This table contains only the first official firmware version released, which is only guaranteed to work with the kernel version specified in the table.

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Monitor sniffer – see note. NAN isn’t considered stable yet and may or may not work depending on the firmware version. You may see firmware crashes in case you didn’t set that module parameter. Safari Chrome IE Firefox.

Some common sources of platform noise might be: Make sure you have linux-headers I used it as Wifi once, dont remember how with ndiswrapper?? In order to function correctly the driver requires this to be enabled in your kernel.

en:users:drivers:iwlwifi [Linux Wireless]

Also, there are still errors in this driver; for example, on my T61, it requires network manager to be installed and I have to do an “ifdown wlan0” and “ifup wlan0” after I log in. Oh and one other imporant thing.


This will check if your system has everything needed to compile the modules. EFI wikipedia Found on: If you configure the kernel yourself, make sure firmware loading is enabled. Our policy is to close bugs that have been pending for input for more than two weeks. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Well actually the main diff is that you’re running a 32bit system on a 64bit capable CPU, why I’m running a 64bit system with 64bit optimized software and if I need to I can run 32bit apps too 64bit mode can emulate 32bit, but not the other way around.

Even the stock debian kernels have it enabled, so one doesn’t even need to configure the kernel manually if he doesn’t want to.