Your genuine help will be greatly appreciated, thank you. Is the price the same steel or graphite? How about knock offs? BaldTexan 63 years old. Are the clubs fake?

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Are my R11s drivers real or fake

Please do your research next time. Golfetail is in the US and also has a website where it shows their toll free number, picture of their staff and more confidence building information. I am not sure are they selling counterfeit clubs, but after i read all these…. G 5W, Rogue Heavenwood Hybrids: There is much less control when lets say a company like Taylormade gives its design to a firm overseas compared to one in its own backyard.

Has anyone come across http: I respect and understand legitimate intellectual property protection. How can I help you? I was wondering If its easier to counterfeit forged or cast irons and if its easier to counterfeit drivers vs irons.

That should have been my first clue.

Oppo R11s review: Super screen, except for one major flaw…

Anyway — no doubt you will find holes in this, but I urge you to put your ego aside and humbly admit you may not have all the facts on this one?


At least you know where to go if something goes wrong.

I am so glad I did some research and found this site. Basically this guy did a lot of business trips to Asia and would buy counterfit calloway, taylor made, ect.

It’s among the most powerful phones around, and you don’t have to pay a flagship price for it. Other Apple-inspired elements include the design of the recent apps screen, which offers up rectangle cards in a carousel that you swipe through horizontally to find a particular app, or dismiss them by swiping upwards.

However, it offers discounts for retailers that sell higher volumes. Just to add to my last post. The bag is prodomenantly black and red, and the suspicioun came when I noticed the font that R9 is written in, the letters are taller.

The Official Counterfeit Thread – Page 53

They have arrived promptly and well packaged but my husband is wondering if they are genuine. Cottonwood II g 33″Rosemark Thorn 1. With the R11s screen size increasing compared to the earlier R11, it made sense for Oppo to increase the battery capacity too it’s up from 3,mAh to 3,mAh.

Given the optics, we suspect this is more to do with the processing. In which category do you come into? I, of course, am jesting. We sell best golf clubs at very cheap price. Since then I always do research before buying. One basic thing to keep in mind is that if you do not purchase from an authorized Internet dealer, the manufacturer may not honor its warranty on new clubs.


Anyone dealt with buycheapgolf. Samsung Galaxy A5 review.

I noticed yesterday the shipment started in Ciunterfeit so I email them and asked if they were legitimate PING clubs or counterfeits. I am little confuse….

Is someone selling you a genuine OPPO Smart Phone? Here’s how to check |

They definitely have the same tip, which would be my only concern. These are some of the easiest way to tell if the website is legit. There are safeguards and information available to help determine the legitimacy of sellers and products, as well as payment protection.